Christian Employment Opportunities across Australia

A common misconception about those who work in churches is that their occupation is purely based on spiritual gain. While that does play a big part in their career path, it is also a line of work with plenty of employment opportunities that can take you across both Australia and the world. Who wouldn’t want to make a living and having a great career while spreading the word of God at the same time?

Why employment in a Christian organisation is right for you

If your dream job revolves around your faith in God, then it is a job match made in heaven. Whether you have just finished school or have been working with the Christian community for years, there are many vacancies listed on our website. If you are seeking work in a ministry, where you can directly interact with other believers and be a great part of their lives, then you will find such a role here.

Opportunities are available throughout Australia

Australia has a high Christian population across the country. With a huge mass of land to cover and millions of people living in it, there are plenty of Christian employment opportunities available. Naturally, the major cities that have high populations will be easier to get a Christian job than small towns in the country. We have many pastors located across Melbourne and Sydney, cities that each have over four million people. If you live in either city, your chances of getting into pastoral care, ministry work or any other line of employment with the Church are high.

There are pastors and ministers working all over the country wanting to spread the word of God. If you are a Christian living in sunny Brisbane, you might want to find a job where you can be outside. Being that Perth is the biggest city in all of Western Australia, it is the place to be for Christian employment if you live out west. Wherever you live, we can find the perfect job for you to teach a classroom of children about God’s ways or to enlighten your congregation inside a church.

The many benefits of this line of work

Your love of God can go beyond going to church every week with one of the many jobs listed at Christian Work. If you love the idea of helping your fellow Christians impact the community and have a great, fulfilling career in areas such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or regional areas, then please contact us at